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Web design is now an integral part of every business.

Everyone and everything should have a website. Otherwise your organisation is missing an important opportunity to communicate with your audience.

A website is the shop window for your organisation. People are likely to look at your website before they decide whether it is worth their while to contact you.

Shop Window

12.9% of all advertising spend in the UK is on the web (source: BBC article) and is growing at 39.5% year on year to 3bn (source: Guardian article).

No other country in the world has spend in excess of 10%. People are less likely to search for local services on Yellow Pages and more likely to use a search engine.

An organisation will lose sales and profits if their customers cannot find information about them on the internet.


The internet is changing. Rapidly.

At the beginning, the web was about consuming information.

Today, the web is as much about participation. Take a look at websites such as Flickr (sharing your photos), Delicious (sharing your bookmarks), Digg (sharing interesting news stories) and You Tube (sharing your videos).

Increased participation means more people are spending more time on the internet and less time reading newspapers and watching television.

An organisation cannot communicate effectively with their customers if they have no website


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