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"what makes a good website?"

Focusing on the user is priority number one.

Your website has to be attractive, useful and memorable to your audience.

We need to understand how we can attract your target audience to your website, who the person is viewing you website, why they are looking at your website, what they want from your website, how they interact with your website and what they will take away from their visit.


Keeping the design simple is important because web users have short attention spans.

If your website does not immediately attract your customer and tell them what they want, they will move on.

Simplicity is key. So we avoid distractions on the page. An animation may be clever, but it is a distraction. Likewise, a home page that takes time to load and then has no information except a clever graphic, is time wasted.

Your website should be simple to navigate, easy to understand and above all, intuitive.


Many people will not read beyond a first sentence or a paragraph on the internet and so clear, concise content is neccessary. An article by Jakob Nielsen suggests that users only read about 28% of text.

People scan for the main points and then move on. I would be surprised if many of you are even reading this...... but thank you if you are.

So, content must be clear, concise and to the point.

We will look to reduce your content by half. And maybe reduce it by half again.


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