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Links of Interest

Here are some links that provide food for thought:


Web Design Principles

Smashing Mag - 10 Principles of Effective Web Design

The 6 Phases of The Website Design - this is a very good and succinct summary of the web design process.

Seth's Blog - Eye Tracking Rules (or what people look at on a website page).

How Little Do Users Read? - Jakob Nielsen thinks that the average user only reads 28% of text on a web page.

Web Users are Getting More Selfish - Jakob Nielsen discovers that your website visitors will not linger on websites but go straight for the piece of information that they want and then leave.

Simplicity is startingly simple cartoon.



Freelance Switch is an excellent blog (and podcast) about running a freelance business (or any business for that matter).

37 Signals are a marvelous company with a marvelous philosophy which you can see in their original manifesto from 1999.

They also make web based software that is simple to use and highly effective. I use Highrise every day to make notes about client conversations and things to do. It is invaluable to helping me run my business.

They also have Basecamp which is a highly effective project management and collaboration tool.

The Shane & Peter Blog write consistently inspirational articles. I especially like this one.


Keeping Track

..... of your bookmarks: I use the better looking Magnolia, but Delicious is more popular and perhaps easier to use.

..... of your RSS Feeds: I use the lovely Net News Wire which syncs between my desktop, my iPhone and online. Google Reader isn't bad either.


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