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Published in The Gudgeon - March 2008


With spring upon us, it is a great time to go out with your camera and take some photos. So here is my two part guide to the best photography websites. This month I will cover how to choose a camera, where to buy a camera and where to get tips on taking great photos. Next month I will talk about how to share and print your photos online and where to find photographic inspiration.

There are lots of websites that provide the latest updates on new cameras launches and comprehensive reviews, including Digital Photography Review (www.dpreview.com), Photography Review (www.photographyreview.com) and CNet (http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-cameras). These reviews are written by serious photographers and so they may go into more detail than you need. You can also look at their forums for individual advice on cameras.

I find Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) a reliable resource for reviews because they are written by people who have bought and used the camera themselves. You will find that the US website (www.amazon.com) has even more reviews than the UK counterpart.

Digital Photography School (http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/) has many interesting articles including tips for beginners, composition, reviews and an extremely interesting article on whether an SLR or Compact camera is best suited to you.

Other favourite websites for advice include Photojojo (http://photojojo.com) and iDigital Photo (www.idigitalphoto.com). This blog is written by Tom Ang who has also written an excellent book called ‘How to Photograph Absolutely Everything.’ The book is very well laid out and provides easy to understand tips on how to take a good photograph.

I recently bought a new camera and ended up buying it from Ace Cameras (www.acecameras.co.uk) on Green St in Bath. It was good to support an independent shop and they were willing to negotiate on price. In addition, when I was researching prices, I found Jessops (www.jessops.co.uk) to be among the cheapest for SLR Cameras. Warehouse Express (www.warehouseexpress.com), London Camera Exchange (www.lcegroup.co.uk) and Amazon were also very competitive.

And finally, to encourage you to go out and take some photos, I recommend reading 60 Sources of Inspiration for Photography (http://blogs.photopreneur.com/60-sources-of-inspiration-for-photography). A great article to inspire you to snap away!

As always, you can find links to all of these websites at www.del.ico.us/gudgeon.


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