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Photography Part Two


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Published in The Gudgeon - April 2008


Last month, I suggested the best websites for helping you choose a new camera, where to buy it from and how to take great photos. This month I am going to suggest software to help you manage and improve your images, and where you can print and share your photos online.

There is plenty of good software available that allows you to manage your photo library into albums and rate them. They also give you the ability to edit your photos including cropping your image, changing the exposure or improving the colour. Some of it is even free. If you have a Mac you get the very good iPhoto bundled with your purchase. Or if you use Windows, you can download Google’s Picasa software for free. Both are very good and will satisfy most of your editing needs.

However, if you want to do even more with your photos like cloning your image or merging two photos together, or erasing bits from your photo, or adding bits to a photo, then the market leader is Photoshop. Photoshop Elements costs 69 and will offer you plenty of editing options or you could go for the full version for 570.

For sharing your photos, the most popular website (and my favourite), is Flickr. You can upload your photos and decide to keep them either private, or visible to your friends and family, or make them available for public viewing. If your photos are public you can send them to groups. Groups are created for certain types of photographic themes and there are lots and lots of them. For example, there is one for Bradford on Avon and I have just set one up for the Kennet and Avon Canal. People can comment on your photos and you can request constructive criticism. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Other excellent websites for sharing photos with friends & family include Kodak Gallery, Photobucket, Jessops and Snapfish. All of these websites also enable you to print your pictures just like the old days. You can even create your own photo books, calenders, mugs or even jigsaw puzzles.


As always, you can find links to all of these websites at www.del.ico.us/gudgeon.


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